Wowow 300+ Followers I can’t! Thank you guys so much <3 I haven’t been on tumblr long but you guys still make me feel super duper welcome! I think its almost been 3 or 4 months? Not sure lol. You guys are all amazing. I want you to know that if I forgot you, I’m sooooo sorry. I have the worst memory lol. Note, if you aren’t on this it doesn’t mean I don’t love you ;) You guys are my little love bugs >w< This probably soundss so cheesy but I’m just so happy. Thanks again!

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I am SOOOSOSOSOOSO Sorry if I forgot you! Know that I love you all anyways c: ~

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More Details on Vince McMahon Not Wanting Total Divas Stars to Have the WWE Divas Title


Regarding Vince McMahon reportedly having a rule that no cast member of WWE Total Divas is to have a run with the WWE Divas Title, it’s been a rule behind the scenes but it was Cameron that recently talked about it on Chris Jericho’s podcast. She said:

"The whole thing we…

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You can wash clothes on those abs.

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TNA knockout talks WWE Divas


TNA Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Miss Brooke Tessmacher posted the following on her Facebook about WWE and their Divas Division:

"Why would I want to go back to wwe where they have 3 min matches that typically have no meaning." 

”The women aren’t utilized to the potential they bring. They aren’t cared about or a priority.”

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The twins teams up with Susan G and joined the fight.

Seth Rollins + Not using his indoor voice

"That’s very rude."

"Yeah, but we’re rude guys."

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